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How To Create A Kids Baking Kit

How To Create A Kids Baking Kit

It's World Baking Day! Grab your spoons and get ready to bake up a storm. we've got everything your little baker needs to create their perfect kids baking kit

1. Chef's Outfit

Dress for the job want! Aspiring chefs can look the real deal in our Spotted Chef's Set. The apron and matching hat will keep clothes (and hair) clean of any mess, and the oven glove keeps hands protected. As an added bonus, this kids chef outfit also comes with four pastry cutters and a wooden rolling pin. 

2. Baking Sets for Kids

A baker needs their essential tools. Our 23-piece Children's Baking Set includes a stainless steel six-bun baking tray, a ramekin, loaf tin, a whisk, a wooden rolling pin, six pastry cutters, an oven mitt, muffin cases and set of measuring spoons. Each of the baking utensils have been designed for little hands to safely use.

If you prefer a wooden baking set for kids, our Pastry Set comes with a wooden pastry board, a spatula, a spoon, and rolling pin. Plus there are six colourful plastic pastry cutter shapes that include a star, car, dog, Christmas tree, train and a penguin.

3. Rolling Pins

Whatever recipe you're baking, a kids rolling pin is an essential! Available in a small or large two-pack, our wooden rolling pins have easy grip handles and are designed for little hands to use. 

4. Kids Stool

A stool, I hear you ask? As your little ones might not be tall enough to reach the kitchen work surface to bake, our White Step Stool will help them reach for the stars. It is made from sturdy, smooth wood and has a solid white sheen finish. 

5. Baking Recipes for Kids

If you're looking for some baking inspiration, our My First Recipe Book has step-by-step instructions on how to bake muffins and pancakes plus five other recipes. This unique wooden recipe book can be wiped clean too, so there's no need to worry about it getting messy. 

6. Cake Bake Lottie Doll

If your child has a Lottie Doll, turn Lottie or Finn into a top baker with the Cake Bake dolls accessories set. Features a baker's hat, apron, oven mitt, rolling pin, mixing bowl and much more (doll not included). It also comes with a Bake with Finn recipe book to follow along at home!

7. Baking Shortcut

If baking the real thing becomes tiresome, aspiring bakers can whip out their Muffin Tray toy food set! Each of the six muffins are individually decorated and supplied in a wooden muffin tray. No mess or stress required!

Team Bigjigs Baking Memories

Photo by PNW Production

We took a trip down memory lane to recall some of our most memorable bakes€¦ enjoy!

"I was making home made ice cream with my Nan and I was getting in the way, so she gave me a bag of ice. She said that to make ice cream I need to shake the ice for 10 minutes and  sent me outside to run around the garden shaking the bag of ice. When I came back in, the ice cream was magically done€¦" - Shannon

"Back in Nepal, having an oven was a luxury so my Mom would make baked goods by using two woks, one over the other, placing what she was baking on a raised wire frame. She called it her magic oven!" - Maggie

"I can remember helping my Mum bake cheese straws for my Grandpa. He was poorly and took the time to write me a lovely handwritten letter telling me how much he enjoyed those cheese straws. I remember feeling proud that my "baking" at 4 years old was edible (I'm sure all I contributed was rolling out the dough!). I still have the letter to this day." - Robyn

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