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Are we nearly there yet? Entertaining little ones on long journeys

Are we nearly there yet? Entertaining little ones on long journeys

Travelling with little ones can be challenging to say the least! Whether you're on a road trip or heading for the airport, a bit of careful planning can take the stress out of long journeys with young children. A common go-to for long car journeys is a laptop and tablet filled to the brim of films, cartoons and games ready to spring into action as soon as you hear "m bored". Electronic devices are a great option for a bit of peace and quiet, but there are a lot of other options available to keep them entertained on the move.

Singalongs and Audiobooks

If you've already got a Disney sing-along stowed away in your glove compartment - great! If not, spend ten minutes downloading the perfect playlist for your little ones. Fill it with songs from their favourite films or nursery rhymes and have a sing-along. This is a great way to develop language skills. When you get fed up of hearing "Let it Go" screeched from the back seats, opt for an audiobook! If you're a regular Audiobook listener opt for a favourite. If not, there are heaps to choose from. Choose a calm, quiet story and they might just nod off! Or if you'd rather avoid naptime, opt for something that involves participation or excitement.

Are we there yet?

Avoid the frequent questions with a vocal activity or classic car game! Eye spy is always a fantastic go-to for long journeys, depending on age, take the letter, and answers with a pinch of salt. Why not spot letters of the alphabet on number plates and work your way from A to Z? Or, choose a make of car and see how many you can spot!

Play breaks

Plan your trips to include time for plenty of stops and loo breaks! Research places to stop along the way - perhaps find a park or indoor play centre where you can stop for lunch or a snack and run off some steam. Don't feel restricted to busy motorway service stations which can add further stress to a trip.

Car, plane or train?

Pack easy-tidy toys. Traditional board games are not usually an ideal travel toy so instead, take along games that come in easy to store boxes or pouches. That way you won't lose pieces and you can even use them throughout your holiday. One of our favourite travelling toys is this magnetic "Noughts & Crosses", all of the pieces fit securely within the bag and the magnetic board and play pieces means your little ones can play on the go!

Make the most of your time travelling by working on their literacy and numeracy. There are lots of games you can play in the car that will help your little ones learn and develop skills. Storyonics is a great way to encourage little ones to use their imagination and verbal skills.

Share out the cards and take it in turns to select one picture from the card and incorporate it into a story, the next player has to continue from where it left off. For older children, the ZooBooKoo Secret Scholar sets are perfect. They come on a clipboard so little ones can write easily when on the move and include a secret decoder so little ones can check they're answers! Wherever you're heading this summer we hope you have an amazing time! If you take any Bigjigs Toys away with you, tag us in your photos and tell us your tips for travelling with young children.

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