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Top 5 Gifts - Boys & Girls

sireland 1900 days ago

Top 5  Gifts Bigjigs Toys Ltd for Boys and Girls


These are the results of the two polls we placed on our social media channels a few weeks ago; we invited all of the Bigjigs Rail, Bigjigs Toys & Green Toys followers on Facebook and Twitter to vote for their child’s or children's favourite toys.

Many people questioned why the polls were split by gender, and suggested it was creating a stereotype, and suggested incorrectly, that here at Bigjigs Toys that boys should play with blue toys and girls with pink, because we produce toys in these colours.  However, this was not the intention at all. This quote sums up my response to those felt this;

"Pink and blue aren't the problem, it's the meaning people attach to those colors that become problematic,"

Katie Hurley, LCSW, a child and adolescent psychotherapist, parenting expert, and author of the new book, "The Happy Kid Handbook".

The intention was to create a list of the top 5 gifts for boys and girls, in an effort to help the struggling gift buyers this season; often gift buyers will not know your child, like you do, gender whether we like it or not is often one factor which will help with the gift buying selection process.

each parent selected 5 toys that their child would love as a gift, often with the help of their children from a list of 20 toys, which was the same for boys and girls:

The list of 20 toys:

My Tool Bench  Dino Train Set  Farm Train Set  Magnetic Fishing Game with Base  Cook Set  Trike (blue)  Heritage Playset Rose Cottage My Tool Box  Click Blocks (Intermediate)  

Stacking Tower  Cleaning Set  Alice Doll  Trike (red) Trike (pink) Magnetic Theatre Jar of Nuts and Bolts  Candy Floss Food Mixer Set  Cutting Fruit Chef Set  Fairy Town Train Set  Tool Set 

With a mix of themes, colours and products, this gave the children and parents the opportunity to pick their favourites, and of course, the results were different for both genders, it was great to see the following from the results!

  1. My Tool Bench 
  2. Dino Train Set  
  3. Farm Train Set  
  4. Magnetic Fishing Game with Base 
  5. Cook Set GW

1. Farm Train Set 

2.  Tool Set             

3.  Alice Doll          

4.  Rose Cottage   

5.     Cook Set        


So, if you are struggling with gift buying or know someone who will be this Christmas then refer them to this list, which has been selected by parents and their children!


And if you still need more help, refer to our Top 10 Toys post or our Gift Finder.

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