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Inspirational Lottie Dolls for International Women’s Day

Robyn Marks 74 days ago

Today is International Women’s Day, a special day that celebrates women and women’s rights. It stems back to 1911 when a majority of women were fighting to obtain the right to vote. 

This year’s theme is #BreakTheBias, which centres on creating a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination, and embraces inclusivity and diversity. We’ve picked our favourite Lottie Dolls that will empower and educate kids about strong women and girls.

What Are Lottie Dolls?

Girl with Lottie Doll

Lottie Dolls are award-winning dolls that were created in 2010 by Ian Harkin and Lucie Follett at Arklu Ltd, who were struggling to find dolls that were appropriately designed for children to play with.

Working alongside child experts, Ian and Lucie decided to base Lottie on a 9-year-old child. They developed the Lottie Doll values and principles to show a positive perception of body image and childhood. Lottie has the body of a 9-year-old and is developed with the average proportions of a 9-year-old.

Inspirational Lottie Dolls

Young Inventor

Lottie Doll Young Inventor

Emily the Young Inventor Lottie Doll loves to create, build, make and invent different creations - she doesn’t want to wait until she’s grown-up to change the world! Emily comes dressed in a yellow hard hat, a long-sleeved top, denim shorts and workboots; she also wears a tool belt with a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, scissors and torch to inspire tomorrow’s engineers. Shop Now

True Hero

True Hero Lottie Doll

True Hero Lottie Doll is inspired by real-life Aoibheann Mangan, a speaker and advocate for girls in STEM. Aoibheann, who taught herself to code, created an app; she developed the hospital doll for her friend, Grace, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Inside you’ll find a QR code that takes you straight to Aoiheann’s app! True Hero Lottie Doll wears a colourful hospital gown, a dazzling red cape and even comes with a teddy bear companion. Shop Now

Kid Activist

Kid Activist Lottie Doll

Inspired by real-life activist, Mari Copeny aka 'Little Miss Flint', Meg the Kid Activist Doll is here to empower children to believe in themselves and help them use their voices. This Lottie Doll set includes a super cute Mari signature tiara, yellow 'Kids Voices Matter' t-shirt, a megaphone, green jacket bearing 'Stand Up' badge, shorts, trainers, campaign placard & more. Shop Now

Stage Superstar

Stage Superstar Lottie Doll

Lottie Doll’s best friend, Meg, loves to perform at Branksea’s annual school talent show - she even has a microphone to match her outfit. Meg is excited to act, sing and dance in front of her friends and take to the stage in her pretty rose gold dress. What act is she going to wow you with first? Shop Now

Rainforest Guardian

Rainforest Guardian Lottie Doll

Lottie wants to protect the rainforest. This eco-conscious Lottie Doll is working with her pals at the Rainforest Trust to teach children about climate change and the endangered species of the Amazon. Lottie is dressed in a green playsuit and brown boots and carries binoculars. This set also comes with ten collectable animal fact cards. Shop Now

Lottie Doll FAQs

How Big Are Lottie Dolls?

Lottie Dolls are 7 inches (18cm) tall, so are the ideal size for small hands to play with.

What Age Are Lottie Dolls For?

Lottie Dolls are suitable for little girls and boys aged 3 years and up. Lottie Dolls are based on the proportions of 9-year-old children, so are very relatable for children of all ages to play with.  

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