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Say hello to Gigi Bloks - BIG cardboard building blocks

sireland 1766 days ago
Bigjigs are proud to intoduce Gigi Bloks

Welcome Gigi Bloks to the Bigjigs toy collection. What is Gigi Bloks?

Gigi Bloks     Gigi Bloks originated in Latvia and is created from the imaginations of a wife and husband team who together with their daughter designed a toy which was missing from their childhood.  It is a cardboard building blocks big enough to construct grand designs and realise larger than life fun ideas.  The natural and uncomplicated values of the brand resonate through the toys: Made from 100% recyclable cardboard and easy to fold, store and play. Bigjigs will distribute Gigi Bloks throughout UK and Ireland. The plain design is a blank canvas ready for painting, drawing and do not distract the mind from its imaginary process but motivates it instead, to help children create a play world from scratch. Gigi lboks open boxThe building possibilities are endless: Build play houses, boats and animals. The range of four products are distinguishable by piece count and size: Big size: Giant size:
  • Gigi Giant 60piece - 50 double units (20cmx10cmx10cm) and 10 single units (10cmx10cm x10cm)
  • Gigi Giant 100piece - 80 double units (20cmx10cmx10cm) and 20 single units (10cmx10cm x10cm)
  Watch the Gigi Bloks in action here:Gigi bloks video link    

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