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Farm House Sorter Reviews - Play Patrol

sireland 2805 days ago
As you know, we had over 100 hundred entries for our Play Patrol scheme and it was a really difficult decision just to cut them down! Alas! We managed to whittle it down to just 12 lucky hopefuls. Each of the 12 applicants were asked to submit a review on our gorgeous new Farm House Sorter: Farm House Sorter   We sent each Play Patrol hopeful one of our Farm House Sorter along with an Top Secret letter detailing what they had to do next to try and secure Play Patrol Agent status. All we wanted was a honest review that showcased all aspects of the Farm House sorter from its play potential through to its developmental abilities. Remember we are always after honest assessments, so have a look at what our Play Patrols hopefuls had to say: As you can see - each blogger has approached the task in hand from a different angle which is great... just makes it hard work to pick the top 5. Play Patrol Agents will be announced on Monday 8th April 2013 - good luck all!

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