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Everything you need to know about Wooden Railway

Jasmin.Hayes 610 days ago

Wooden Railway is a great play activity for your little ones and if they really love it, Wooden Rail makes for fantastic birthday and special occasion gifts. There are so many different ways to expand your set, you really can’t ever have it all!... But we can certainly try.

How to clean wooden Train Tracks:
Bigjigs wooden track is easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth. Avoid using too much water as this can spoil the wood. Stay clear of dishwashers and harsh scrubbing pads, these can damage the wood.

How to build a wooden Track Layout:
There are no rules to building a track, just grab your pieces and get creative. Adding a few small low-cost pieces can completely transform a track. Try adding our 4-Way Turntable, Crossover or Track Splitter to take your track to the next level.

What is the best wooden train set:
All of our train sets offer different tracks and accessories to suit your needs but if you’re unsure where to start a simple set like our Figure of Eight Train Set is a great place to start.
This will give you a foundation to build on for years to come.

Who is compatible with Bigjigs Rail:
All of our train sets and wooden rail are compatible with most other major wooden railway brands. Our track works with both Brio and Thomas & Friends.

Will it fit on my table? - Dimensions of tracks
Every train set and track layout is different so it’s impossible to say exact dimensions but the great thing about rail is it’s fully customizable. Take any train set and build your own layout to suit your space and needs.

What benefits does it provide for my children
Wooden railway is not only great fun it’s also teaching your little ones valuable lessons. Playing with trains and track sparks and encourages little ones creativity and imagination. It’s fantastic for developing fine and gross motor skills which helps with everything in life from writing to tying a shoelace.

Through building tracks and moving obstacles, your little one develops and strengthens their problem-solving skills which provide a great benefit that lasts a lifetime.

Why do we love trains
There's something nostalgic about holding wooden rail in your hands, it lasted through modern times of tech and instant entertainment. Wooden rail is timeless and continues to entertain children.

Trains don’t have to be for independent play, they’re also a great family activity. In fact, parents often enjoy rail just as much as children.

Rail has endless play possibilities it encourages children to create their own narrative and think outside the box. Every play session is different and the possibilities are endless.

Railway play is great for everyone and you can find tracks and accessories to support any interest. We have ranges including Fairy, Dinosaur, Farm and Pirate to name a few. It's easy and fun to expand your set and new accessories make great Birthday & Christmas gifts.

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