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Bigjigs Toys take home a Guinness World Record!

Jasmin.Hayes 831 days ago

We’ve been sat on a big secret for the last few weeks and we can finally share it with you!

We've teamed up with ARUP to take back the Guinness World Record we once held for ‘Longest Wooden Train Track’. The team at ARUP worked tirelessly to plan and organise this attempt and the track laid reached a HUGE 3395.8 meters.  We first took home the record for 'Longest Wooden Toy Train Track' in July 2012 but the record was beaten later that year. We've now steamed past the previous efforts by over 788 meters! The attempt was designed to mark Arup’s  50th  anniversary and it certainly did! We want to say a huge thank you to everyone that made this happen, before, during and after the event! Join in the fun and get a piece of engraved track to commemorate this amazing event!

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