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Summer Survival Guide - Bigjigs Toys

sireland 1591 days ago

Summer is here! And the holidays are just days away and the kids will be ready to GO all day, every day!

Do you know what we need? A PLAN!

Here are our some of our favourite ideas to keep your little ones entertain through the summer holidays!

Summer Survival Guide: You can work through these one day at a time, a couple a day or one a week! Whichever works for you - but, we hope our summer survival ideas help to keep you and your little ones amused during the summer holidays!

Summer Survival Guide - baking   Baking - Bake a cake, cookies or cupcakes! Some kid friendly recipes can be seen here: BBC Baking with Kids       Summer Survival Guide   Fresh fruit smoothie lollies - our fave are these: Unicorn Smoothie Lollies       Summer survival guide bath toys   Water play - whether it's in the garden, bathtub or kitchen sink! Read our Water & Sand Play Blog here       Bigjigs Rail Summer Survival   Get your Bigjigs Rail train sets and track outside - read how we did it here.       Playcolor face paints - summer survival guide     Have a face painting party with Playcolor Face Paint Sticks     Gardening with children - summer survival guide   Plant and grow your own salads, veg & plants - read our gardening blog here.       Summer Survival Guide - green toys books   Read a book!       Summer survival guide jewellry making   Make your own jewellery - braclets, necklaces for you, your friends and as gifts!       Green Toys Ferry Boat -summer survival guide   Go on a beach walk.       Playcolor painting summer survival guide     Do some painting - Try our mess-free alternative Playcolour - no need for water or paint brushes!     summer survival guide balance bikes   Master the balance bike!           Go an adventure walk - Try out our Bug Bingo - click here to download     Summer survival guide - dolls   Have a tea party in the garden, living room or park!       Summer survival guide   Build a den - we love this idea from Woodland Trust & if you want to stay inside or your garden - try using a bedsheet and some garden chairs, peg the corners of the sheet to the chairs and voila!       Farm Train Set - summer survival guide   Visit a farm - a real one or a wooden one - or why not both!       summer survival guide frisbee   Play frisbee in the garden, at the park or local green! We love our Green Toys Frisbee made from 100% recycled plastic!         Go swimming!       Bug Box Lifestyle summer survival guide   Build a bug hotel       summer survival guide feed the ducks   Feed the ducks       Summer Survival Guide Card Games   Play a card game       Summer survival guide shopkeeper   Play shopkeeper       Green Toys beach play summer survival guide   Build mud or sandcastles       Summer survival guide picnic   Have a picnic       summer survival guide balloon boat racing   Balloon Boat Racing in the garden      

Summer Survival Guide shell windchime

Make a shell or leaf wind chime.    

We hope you enjoy working through some or all of the above ideas!

If you have your own ideas please share them with us below or on social media!


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