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Cleaner Crashes Stolen Train

sireland 2932 days ago
We saw this in the news today and thought it was such an incredible story! A cleaning woman stole an empty commuter train in a suburb of Stockholm and crashed it into a house, injuring herself, Swedish officials say. The four-carriage train was driven out of the depot for about a mile until it jumped the tracks, becoming wedged into a three-storey building. The woman broke into the driver's compartment of an empty train at a depot in Stockholm and drove it on to the local Slussen-Saltsjobaden line. At the last stop, she barrelled through the bufferrs and the train smashed through the first-floor kitchen of a two-storey building. We wondered how many cleaning ladies had admired Bigjigs Rail trains and thought about taking them home? In this case the devastating effects might not cause as much physical damage...but might cause more emotional damage to the little one who realises their pride train is missing! For the full story head over to the BBC website.

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