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Anti Slavery Statement

In order to demonstrate our commitment to tackling modern day slavery, Bigjigs Toys has chosen to
publish an anti-slavery statement with a view to extending our intention to our customer base whilst
simultaneously protecting and enhancing our brand and Company reputation.

This statement sets out the approach taken by Bigjigs Toys Limited to understand all potential modern day
slavery risks related to its business and the actions taken to mitigate those risks.

Bigjigs Toys Limited is a leading wholesaler and supplier to independent retail within the UK and EU
markets. The supply chain consists of a number of factories throughout South East Asia, North America and
Eastern Europe. Product is shipped into the Folkestone warehouse facility where goods are stored and
distributed upon receipt of customer orders. The Company deals with the entire supply chain from source
to shelf and chooses not to engage the services of any other distributing facility with the exception of an
offsite bulk storage facility.

The Directors and shareholders on the Company are committed to delivering high standards of corporate
governance and a key element of this is managing in a socially responsible way. The Company aspires to
the highest ethical and responsible standards and endeavours to comply with all local laws and regulations
applicable to conducting its business. Bigjigs Toys Limited is absolutely committed to preventing slavery
and human trafficking in its corporate activities including its supply chain. The same high standards set for
ourselves are expected from those with whom we engage; our entire supply base and our professional
advisor base. All relevant policies are reviewed periodically as to their effectiveness and amended

Liz Ireland

Managing Director
January 1st 2021.